Narayan Foods Maintains EcoVadis Bronze with Improved Score in 2024

We are delighted to announce that Narayan Foods has achieved the EcoVadis Bronze Medal in our latest sustainability assessment for 2024. Our EcoVadis scorecard reveals a significant improvement, with our overall score rising to 64 out of 100. This marks a notable step forward in our ongoing commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Commitment to Sustainability

Receiving the EcoVadis Medal for the second consecutive year is a testament to our enduring dedication to sustainability. While our journey toward greater sustainability is ongoing and there is always room for improvement, we are proud to perform better than 75% of all companies evaluated by EcoVadis. This accomplishment reflects our continuous efforts to integrate sustainable practices into our operations and to lead by example in the industry.

Understanding EcoVadis

EcoVadis is a globally recognized leader in business sustainability ratings, providing comprehensive assessments across various non-financial dimensions including environmental impact, labor and human rights practices, ethics, and sustainable procurement. Their rigorous evaluations help businesses benchmark their performance and identify areas for improvement in sustainability.

Key Highlights of Our Improved Score:

  • Environmental Impact: Our score improvement reflects enhanced efforts in reducing our environmental footprint through better resource management and sustainable practices.

  • Labor and Human Rights: We continue to prioritize fair labor practices and uphold human rights standards within our operations and supply chains.

  • Ethics: Strengthening our ethical practices has been a focus, ensuring we maintain integrity and transparency in all aspects of our business.

  • Sustainable Procurement: We have advanced our procurement processes to favor sustainable and ethical sourcing, further reinforcing our commitment to responsible business conduct.

Looking Ahead

Our improved score on the EcoVadis assessment underscores the effectiveness of our sustainability initiatives and our commitment to continuous improvement in these crucial areas. We recognize that sustainability is a continuous journey, and we remain dedicated to advancing our practices to set a standard for responsible business conduct in the industry.

As we move forward, Narayan Foods will continue to focus on enhancing our sustainability efforts and making meaningful contributions to a more sustainable future. We are committed to upholding the principles of ethical and sustainable business, and we look forward to sharing more of our progress with you in the future.

Thank you to everyone at Narayan Foods for their hard work and dedication in achieving this significant milestone. Together, we will continue to drive positive change and promote sustainability in all our endeavours.

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