It starts with a seed.

Sowing the seeds towards a more sustainable food system through vertically integrated supply chains that drive plant-based products & people forward. 

Harvesting the power for vertical integration in plant-based production

A vertical supply chain integration enables streamlined seed to market production & distribution, provides greater accountability and proximity to farmers, offer high quality standards and traceability measures.

  1. Seed

    Our regional and global partnerships and business model allow us to control the entire crop cycle from seed to market. This results in higher quality control and greater reliability making our seed to table model transparent and more ethical. We serve to strengthen local communities and protect harvested lands under strict adherence to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards.

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  2. Production

    Our three state of the art food production facilities offer a sustainable scaling platform that streamlines food innovation, industrialization and commercialization. A one-stop shop model accelerates time to market strategically and safely across the entire supply chain.

  3. Table

    Our sustainable scaling model offers cost effective and efficient solutions for large scale production. From coconut oil processing and production to superfoods and future foods like plant-based ohney. Learn about Our Sustainability

Why us?

Creating a vertically integrated value chain

Seed to table vertical integration is at the core of our business. Everyday we are finding ways to make our supply chain more efficient. From procuring ingredients, investing in R&D, private labelling, and distribution. From seed to table, we offer our expertise across the entire supply chain.
  • 50+ products

    Narayan produces over 50 products that are certified vegan and organic under private labels and own brand.

  • 75.000 Stores

    Narayan is a direct supplier to some of the largest EU retail chains with access to 75.000 stores.

  • 30+ Markets

    Our products can be found in 30+ markets across the EU and the USA

Narayan takes a real approach to Sustainability and ESG Practises.
  • ESG Compliance towards Carbon Neutrality

    With a vertically integrated supply chain, we aim to drastically reduce our C02 emissions by focusing on optimizing our shipment and delivery processes through greater tracking and transparency.

  • CSG Projects Backing 2030 UN SDGs

    Our CSG Initiatives support the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda, specifically goals 1-7 with a strong focus in disability inclusion (50% of our employees have a disability), gender and social equality, and economic empowerment in our communities.

  • 2022 EcoVadis Silver Sustainability Rating

    Narayan was awarded the Silver Sustainability rating by the worlds most trusted business sustainability rating company, EcoVadis. The assessment is based on four themes: environment, labor & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

Global Quality Recognition


All of the Narayan product ranges are certified by various internationally recognized food and safety certification bodies such as the International Food and Safety Standards and Fair Trade International.


We deliver high quality plant-based products to the worlds leading producers and distributors. Our products can be found across +75.000 stores globally.

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