Seed to market.

We source the finest ingredients directly from the origin and manage all stages of production. Our processing is done with respect to the crops, people and nature. We are driven by the spirit of continuous improvement, innovation and category expertise that enable the well being of our employees, our customers and consumers.

  • 20+ m

    products delivered yearly

  • 30+

    countries we export to

  • 50%+

    year to year growth

To grow a healthier food system for the people and planet.

The current food system is broken and we are here to fix it. We are growing a healthier food system throught a vertical integrated supply-chain of organic plant-based goods and meat alternatives.

To sprout seeds towards a sustainable food system.

We are striving to become the global leader in natural and organic food products. We are driven by a spirit of continuous improvement, innovation and market expertise that ensures the well-being of our employees, our customers, and the planet.

We are devoted to quality and sustainability

Sustainability is not just a buzzword in our books. Our environmental commitments can be backed by multiple leading food governances bodies like the IFS, USD/EU Organic, , Fairtrade, Vegan, and the EU Vegetarian Union.

High end products with high end processes

A food revolution is only possible with all stakeholders involved at every level of the supply-chain. 

Let's create something great together