Seed to market.

Our vertically integrated approach allows us to produce high quality and low impact products that can be traced throughout the supply-chain. With strict adherence to ESG practices and respect for the crops, people, and planet, we aim to build a more sustainable food supply that benefits all.

  • 20+ m

    products delivered yearly

  • 30+

    countries we export to

  • 50%

    year to year growth

To create a seed-to-table value chain that satiates shifting demands.

Narayan is disrupting the traditional food industry by providing a seed-to-table value chain to meet the growing demand for sustainable plant-based foods and ingredients. For healthier people and a healthier planet.

To sprout seeds towards a sustainable food system.

To become a global leader in natural and organic food products. We are driven by a spirit of continuous improvement, innovation and market expertise that ensures the well-being of our employees, our customers, and the planet.

Growing a rooted network of food and sustainability changemakers.

We are building a strong multi-stakeholder network of investors, start-ups, food entrepreneurs, and innovators that are shaking up the current food system and pioneering a new way towards a more sustainable food future.

Team work
Sustainability is at the front of our business

At Narayan, we ensure our practices and products meet the highest ESG and Sustainability standards by vertical integration of the whole food production process - from seed to table.

Over 50+ organic & vegan healthy food products

Our products are all 100% vegan and organic and are sold either under private label or our own brand.

Let’s grow together