For Buyers

As one of Europe’s leading organic coconut oil producer, we have become masters in organic and healthy food production. We have learned how to source high-quality certified organic raw materials and currently have 250 products in over 75,000 stores across Europe and the U.S.

Privately labeled organic, vegan, and fairtrade certified products.

We know the various hoops one has to jump to acquire organic or vegan food certifications. We do it for you by offering fully organic, vegan, and fairtrade products that meet all International Food Standards. 

Isolate Production & End Product Development

A one-stop-shop approach for developing sustainable and cost effective large-scale solutions for protein isolate, starch, and fiber from our main crops; soy, pea, and fava beans. We offer private label capacities for plant based beef, chicken, fish and other products at large scale. 

Our Products

We have over 250 organic products under private labels in 75,000 markets across Europe and the United States.

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