Plant Based Products

Discover the benefits of plant based foods for better health and sustainable future.
Why plant based products?
Animal free, antibiotics free & clean label. Just pure delicious, healthy food.
Plant Based Honey

The world’s first plant based honey that tastes exactly like the real thing - with all the associated health benefits. The best part about this? Our honey is not made from heavily processed syrups or concentrates, but contains only the ingredients found in real honey. Save the bees! Try our vegan honey. The bee-free honey is developed by award-winning Californian food technology company MeliBio which is partnering with Narayan Foods.

Plant Based Beverages

These drinks sure do taste good, but they’re also incredibly good for your body. Our plant-based beverages host a range of functional benefits, such as boosting immunity or aiding in post workout recovery. We’ve also made sure that each beverage is high in both protein and nutrients- similar to the composition of regular milk!

Plant Based Chicken

These plant based chicken fillets are a healthier and more sustainable choice than regular chicken. Tastes like chicken, looks like chicken, is high in protein just like chicken... what’s not to love? Best part about this is, you won’t believe it’s not the real thing.

Plant Based Cold Cuts

Turned vegan but craving a charcuterie? We got you. These plant-based cold cuts are sustainable, delicious, and have the most incredible texture. We offer a range of different cold cuts including carpaccio, proscuitto, bacon, and others... Ready to host your next plant-based wine and cheese night?

What’s in a Plant Based Steak

Nutritional benefits of a plant based chicken (100g)

569/136 kj/kcal
20 g
1.5 g
Total Fat
5.1 g
Why Narayan?
Because of high quality production and devotion to sustainability as much as to quality
Food of the Future
Our constantly growing portfolio consists of latest food innovations from alternative meat and dairy products.
250+ Products
We produce over 250 products that are certified vegan and organic under private labels and own brands.
Carbon Neutral
Our commitment to sustainability is reflected across the supply chain, making sure we minimize our environmental impact.
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