Narayan Foods IFS score

Narayan Foods Achieves Outstanding IFS Food Safety Certification Score

Narayan Foods is thrilled to announce our exceptional achievement in the recent unannounced audit for renewing the IFS Food Safety Certificates. Conducted at our manufacturing plant in Europe, the audit validated our commitment to food safety and recognized Narayan's excellence, achieving an impressive rating of 98,45%.

Maintaining Excellence

Renewing our IFS Food certification for 2024 with an even higher rating within the "Excellent" category is a testament to our unwavering dedication. This achievement is particularly noteworthy as the audit was conducted without prior warning by the Bureau Veritas evaluator, underscoring Narayan Foods' commitment to upholding rigorous standards at all times.

Unannounced IFS Audit: Ensuring Food Safety

The unannounced audit, introduced by GFSI in 2021, reinforces the importance of integrating food safety and quality standards into our daily operations. By undergoing unannounced audits, certified companies like Narayan Foods demonstrate their readiness to uphold stringent safety protocols at any given moment, fostering a culture of food safety throughout the organization.

Celebrating Success

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all personnel involved in achieving this milestone, including those from various departments contributing to our success. Their dedication and efforts have been instrumental in maintaining our high standards and ensuring the safety of our processes.

Continued Commitment to Excellence

With a Higher Level rating of 98,45%, Narayan Foods reaffirms our steadfast commitment to safety and accredited procedures. This recognition highlights the excellence of our brand within the scope of our manufacturing operations.

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