Our CSO Žiga Vraničar at PKP

Narayan Foods' CSO Speaks on Transforming the Food Chain at PKP - Poslovna Konferenca Portorož

On November 15th, Narayan Foods had the privilege of being represented by our CSO, Ziga Vranicar, at the prestigious PKP - Business Conference Portorož. This central business event, which gathers key business leaders and industry influencers from across Slovenia, served as an ideal platform for discussing critical shifts needed to revolutionize the food industry for the betterment of people and the planet.

Transforming Today’s Food Chain: A Necessary Evolution

In his compelling session titled "How We Can Transform Today’s Food Chain to Benefit People and the Planet," Ziga Vranicar explored the essential changes required to create a more sustainable and equitable food system. He outlined the transformative steps needed, emphasizing the urgency of transitioning to sustainable food innovations.

“The move towards a sustainable food system is not just a trend; it's a crucial step forward for our industry,” said Vranicar. “We must rethink our approach to food production and distribution to ensure a healthier planet and a healthier population.”

Key Highlights from Ziga Vranicar's Presentation

  • Essential Shifts in the Food Chain: Vranicar detailed the key transformations required in the food industry, from adopting sustainable farming practices to reducing food waste and promoting plant-based diets.

  • Strategies for Implementation: He shared actionable insights on how businesses can make the shift towards sustainability, including investing in innovative technologies and fostering collaborations across the supply chain.

  • Future of Food Innovation: Vranicar highlighted the importance of embracing new trends in food innovation, such as the development of plant-based alternatives and vertical farming, which can significantly reduce the environmental footprint of food production.

PKP - Poslovna Konferenca Portorož: A Hub for Business Excellence

PKP is recognized as a premier event for exchanging best business practices and gaining insights into the latest trends and leading practices in the economic field. It provides an invaluable opportunity for industry leaders to network and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing various sectors.

This year's conference was particularly focused on sustainable business practices, making it an ideal venue for discussing how the food industry can evolve to meet the demands of a changing world. The discussions at PKP are instrumental in driving forward the conversation about the necessity of sustainable food innovations and the actions required to achieve them.

Narayan Foods' Commitment to Sustainable Innovation

At Narayan Foods, we are dedicated to pioneering sustainable food practices and leading the charge in transforming the food industry. Our presence at PKP and Vranicar's insightful presentation underscores our commitment to driving change and setting a standard for responsible business conduct.

We believe that through collaborative efforts and innovative thinking, we can create a food system that not only nourishes the population but also preserves the planet for future generations. Our ongoing initiatives and participation in events like PKP demonstrate our unwavering dedication to this mission.

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