Rewe, Norma, Merkator, Edeka, Netto, Narayan Foods

Narayan Foods Forges new Strategic Partnerships with Rewe, Norma, Edeka, Netto, Merkator and Konzum.

Narayan Foods is thrilled to welcome esteemed retailers to our family, as we embark on exciting partnerships with EDEKA, NORMA, REWE, MERKATOR, KONZUM, and NETTO. These collaborations mark a new milestone for us, as our extensive range of organic products will now extend to some of Europe's largest retail chains.

Welcome to the Narayan Family!

At Narayan Foods, we are committed to providing high-quality organic products that contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future. Our partnerships with these great retail chains will not only expand our reach but also pave the way for fresh innovations aimed at meeting the evolving needs of consumers. We are excited about the possibilities that these collaborations present and look forward to working closely with our new partners to bring the benefits of organic, sustainable products to even more households across Europe.

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this journey together, igniting new opportunities for growth and making a positive impact on the future of food.

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