Narayan Foods and Melibio partnership

Narayan Foods is partnering with San Francisco-based Start-Up MeliBio to launch Award-winning Plant based Ohney Across 27 Countries in Europe

●      Narayan Foods and MeliBio, a Californian food tech Company, are launching Award-winning Plant based Ohney Across 27 Countries in Europe.

●      Narayan Foods and MeliBio recently received SIAL Innovation Selection, one of Europe’s most prestigious food innovation awards.

●      The world’s first plant based Ohney will launch under the Better Foodie brand.

Slovenska Vas – Narayan Foods, one of Europeans largest organic producers, is partnering with MeliBio, the world’s first company that develops the next successor to the traditional golden syrup , to launch the world’s first plant based Ohney under the Better Foodie brand. The partnership is addressing the rising demand for more sustainable food which is better for humans as well as for the planet. The world’s first plant based Ohney is expected to launch in European stores in early 2023.

Ohney utilizes a novel, state-of-art technology that recreates traditional golden counterpart on a molecular level. The new formula performs as an indistinguishable alternative for sustainable and environmentally conscious consumers and delivers a necessary year-round supply of Ohney for retailers without disrupting biodiversity and harming the pollinators. It is the singular best sweetener on the market that recreates the taste, consistency, and use of its predecessor without processed syrups or concentrates. This Time Magazine Top 100 Innovation of the year 2021 solves important concerns confronting the $10 billion honey industry, such as pesticide and adulterant use, as well as the significant decline in bee populations caused by harsh weather events.

Its superior nutritious profile and innovative formula are confirmed by receiving the prestigious SIAL innovation seal and PLMA Innovation Award. Building on MeliBio’s technology and Narayan Food's industrial and commercial scale capabilities, the product will be available in the European market in early 2023.

MeliBio, a Californian food company, focused on developing Plant based Ohney, that would avoid pesticides and toxicants while protecting bees’ natural role in nature, decided to partner with Narayan Foods for launching Ohney on the EU market "MeliBio is a partnerships-first company that is fascinated with Narayan's impressive growth in Europe and operational capabilities to supply 75,000 stores with delicious and sustainable plant-based foods. Our team was amazed by Narayan's ability to design a scale-up platform and simultaneously launch across the entire European Union. We are excited about the Better Foodie brand and the positive impact our partnership will bring to everyone in Europe." Added Darko Mandich, founder and CEO of MeliBio.

Narayan Foods, one of Europe's major organic food producers, is addressing the growing demand for plant-based proteins and sustainable plant-based options by providing a scalable platform that brings novel and sustainable food solutions to the European market faster. Through Narayan’s scaling program, MeliBio will be able to industrialize and commercialize its product and also be able to take advantage of the European market opportunity for novelties such as Plant-based Ohney. "As a food innovation platform, Narayan Foods is constantly on the lookout for novel sustainable products that would revolutionize the market. Just by tasting MeliBio's incredible plant-based honey, we knew we had discovered an innovation that would leave a distinctive mark in the industry. We're thrilled to bring the world's first plant-based honey to every European household and establish it as the new favourite sweetener”, added Mario Brumat, founder and CEO of Narayan Foods.”


Narayan Foods

One of the largest European organic food producers, Narayan Foods manages a sustainable, vertically integrated supply chain from seed to shelf. The system is designed to scale impact-oriented, disruptive food products to the market faster. The scaling platform is a one-stop shop enabling both industrialization and commercialization for startups and scale-ups with innovative solutions for meat, fish, dairy, and other animal protein alternatives. With this, Narayan Foods is fulfilling its mission to create an environment that strives to transition to a sustainable tomorrow while producing healthy, sustainable, and delicious food.

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