Narayan Foods new production

Narayan new production facilities to foster innovation in the European organic food market

The new production line will optimize dry food production flow for Narayan private label brands, as well as support the development of new food ranges in Narayan's private label portfolio. The integration of this new production line adds range and flexibility to our capabilities and enables Narayan to elevate its capacity and give us wider international visibility within the European organic food market.

Staying ahead as Europe’s leading organic food producers

The new production line is set to optimize the production flow for Narayan's private label brands, making our processes more efficient and sustainable. This new addition will also support the development of exciting new food ranges within Narayan's private-label portfolio. It's about staying true to our commitment to quality and innovation.

The Path to Sustainability

The new production facilities work as a part of an investment into a vertically integrated system, that Narayan is building for a more sustainable tomorrow. It will further enhance the company's ability to provide quality and nourishing plant-based ingredients and food alternatives for evergrowing environment-conscious consumers. This isn't just about efficiency; it's about catalyzing a new era of sustainability and expansion for our company.

At Narayan, we're not just building a new production line; we're building a sustainable future. Our investment in innovation and sustainability represents a commitment to making the world better for all. As we progress, we look forward to sharing our journey with you and continuing to pioneer sustainable solutions for the food industry.

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