Special Recognition for Ambitious Global Business Strategy Awarded to Narayan

Special Recognition for Ambitious Global Business Strategy Awarded to Narayan

We are proud to announce that Narayan Foods has received special recognition for our ambitious global business strategy. This honour, awarded by the selection committee for the Best Food Company 2022, acknowledges Narayan’s exceptional achievement in penetrating the global market and forming partnerships with major retail chains as the only local company in this competitive arena.

Direct Approach to Raw Material Sourcing

Our company has adopted a unique approach by working directly with raw material suppliers, bypassing intermediaries. This strategy not only ensures higher quality and sustainability of our products but also supports fair trade practices and strengthens relationships with our partners.

Innovating in a Traditional Industry

Narayan Foods has demonstrated the ability to think outside the box within the relatively traditional food industry. Our innovative mindset and willingness to challenge conventional practices have allowed us to engage with new target audiences and introduce groundbreaking products that resonate on a global scale.

Commitment to Sustainability

We are also committed to sustainability, as evidenced by our numerous certifications and investments in business infrastructure aimed at reducing environmental impact. Our dedication to sustainable practices has been a key factor in our success and will continue to guide our operations as we navigate the challenges of the global market.

A Model for Long-Term Success

Narayan Foods’ success story exemplifies how innovative thinking and a commitment to quality can lead to long-term benefits, even in a highly competitive and traditional industry. Our consistent growth over the past five years is a testament to our strategic focus on partnering with the world's largest retail chains and sourcing raw materials directly, ensuring efficiency and superior product quality.

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