Narayan Foods at Foodhack Summit

World’s first sustainable Ohney at Foodhack Summit in Lausane

The 12th and 13th of May were dedicated to connecting the world's largest community of food entrepreneurs and innovators. We attended Foodhack Summit with our partnered company Melibio to showcase Ohney as a pioneering product in sustainable food industry. 

Standing side by side with sustainable food innovations of the world 

The introduction of Ohney means a great deal for the food community, that fosters sustainable ideas. With Ohney, we're committed to innovating and developing solutions, that care for the environment and us. With a one-to-one swap for its golden predecessor in taste, texture, and benefits, Ohney was given an ideal platform to introduce its innovative and sustainable factors at FoodHack Summit. 

The response was overwhelmingly positive

By presenting Ohney at Foodhack summit, we aim to share and inspire the community to embrace sustainable product development. Our mission is to provide consumers with devoted options that are not only as (or even more) delicious than their conventional counterparts, but also aligned with their values and concerns about the environment. We’re glad our “unconventional” golden Ohney was deliciously received and recognised as a needed solution for the biodiversity problem in the bee industry. 

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